CardConnection FAQ

Why is my credit card recommendation a First Progress credit card?Open Sky credit card?not a Milestone Card?

We were unable to prequalify you for a Milestone Mastercard product but you are pre-qualified for a secured card from one of our partner banks.

Can I submit a new prequalification request for a Milestone Mastercard if
I was not prequalified the first time?

Submitting a new Pre-Qualification form will not change the result unless both of the following are true:
i. Have not submitted a pre-qualification request in the last 60 days
ii. Have had a significant improvement in your credit profile

What is CardConnection and how does it work?

Our CardConnection Tool will match you to the best credit card option that we have to recommend
based on your credit profile, without impacting your credit score!  Just complete our short
Pre-Qualification form (will not impact your credit score), review all of terms of your CardConnection recommendation and then apply!